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DIY: Glitter Lantern

One of my summer projects this year was to repainted my room but I wanted to add something to spice it up a little. I ended up making some cute mason jar glitter lanterns to add some softer lighting. They are super easy, fun and quick to make. These are the materials that I used to make it:

IMG_1882 copy

1. Loose Glitter ( NOT glitter glue) 2. Elmers Craft Bond Spray Glue 3. Mason Jar 4. Electric Tea Lights 5. Plastic or glass stones/ jewels 6. Paper 7. Scissors 8. Pen 9. Glue Dot Runner

All of these supplies can be found at your local Dollar Store or Wal- Mart.

Step 1: Draw a shape of your choice on your paper. I chose something simple – a heart.

IMG_1885 copy

Step 2: Cut out your shape

IMG_1887 copy

Step 3: Use your Glue Dot Runner to outline your shape. Make sure that all of the edges are covered well!

IMG_1890 copy

Step 4: Stick your shape against one of the sides of your mason jar. Make sure that there are no gaps or lumps around the edges of your shape when you stick it down. This will help your shape to look more distinct in the end.

IMG_1893(1) copy

Step 5: Use your Elmers Spray Glue and spray a thin coat of glue around the inside of the mason jar.


IMG_1899 copy

Step 6: Pour glitter into your mason jar while the glue is still wet. Put the lid on and shake the glitter around making sure that it sticks to all sides properly.



IMG_1900 copy

Step 7: Let you glitter dry for 20-30 minutes. After it dry, add a second thin coat of glue to  hold the glitter in place.

Step 8: Using a toothpick or pencil, peel your shape off of the mason jar.

IMG_1902 copy

Step 9: Place your stones or jewels into the mason jar. I chose red and clear ones because they go well with my rooms colour but you can choose any colour you want!

IMG_1916 copy

Step 10: Put one of your tea lights into the jar and light it up!


These lights are great especially for anyone who like candles but doesn’t want to risk burning down the house. They create such  peaceful ambiance in a room and make you feel all warm and cozy!

Let us know if you enjoyed this diy or if you have any ideas for other diy projects leave us a comment.

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